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The Minister's Web Ring

Please read all of the rules before signing up.

  Only web sites pertaining to some form of Christian Ministry may sign up for this web ring. In particular, we desire sites that assist those in pastoral, youth, music, counseling, or other types of Christian service. We will not subscribe church websites UNLESS those sites have material available on them that would be helpful to those in ministry. This is not a generic Christian webring, but one that specializes in helping those who are active in real life ministry.

  Your web ministry must not be in opposition to the basic truths of Christianity - the Trinity, Virgin Birth, Deity of Christ, Resurrection, etc... No particular denominational/church fellowship affiliation is required.

  Your web site must express more of what you are for than what you are against. In other words, we are not seeking to promote "anti" type sites that explain why they are right and the rest of Christendom is wrong. 

  Site must be reviewed and approved by The Pastor's Helper.

  If your site is approved, you must place the html code and graphic on your home page--not the links page. This needs to be done within 48 hours of approval. If your site is not approved, don't take it personally. It just means that your site does not fit into the purpose of The Minister's Web Ring.

  Thank you for considering signing up.  Allow 1 to 7 days for review of your web site.

If you feel your web site meets the above criteria and you desire to join The Minister's Webring, please click here to sign up.