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The Pastor's Helper Endorses...

Trinity College and Seminary has earned the endorsement of the Pastor's Helper for the following reasons:

You are able to study at your home or office at a time that is most convenient for you.

Programs are offered from Certificates through Doctorate degrees in many fields of interest to those in pastoral ministry, including counseling, biblical studies, theology, apologetics, and more.

Your professors are all academically qualified, competent, and experts in their field.

Accredited by the University of Liverpool (No other American College/University has this distinction).

Trinity offers a grant assessment, leading to up to 50% off tuition in some cases.

There are many more reasons we endorse Trinity that we don't have the space for here. Check out the letter below from John C. Fyffe, Online Admissions Counselor, then check out what Trinity has to offer on their website.



Note: If you would like the information below e-mailed to you, just fill in your name and e-mail address below and click "submit". 



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Dear Friend,

Thank you for your interest in Trinity College and Seminary. Barry (The Pastor's Helper) and I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to be of assistance to you. Barry is currently enrolled in the Doctor of Philosophy in Biblical Studies program through Trinity. His e-mail address is . You are encouraged to contact Barry regarding his personal perspectives. Barry has earned two Bachelor's degrees and a Master of Arts degree in New Testament from Regionally Accredited Schools and can testify to Trinity's academic rigor and value. I am a graduate of Trinity's Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling program and am currently finishing my post-graduate work in the Doctor of Philosophy in Church Administration through Trinity. You may contact me as listed below. Make sure to let me know Barry sent you.


In order to ensure that I provide you with an accurate program recommendation and grant assessment, please take a moment to visit the following web address: . During your visit with us, it will be helpful if you complete the brief academic evaluation. You may access the form by clicking on "College of the Bible" or "Theological Seminary"; then, click on "2000 Catalog"; then click on "Free Academic Evaluation." Then, simply complete the form; click on "yes" that you have consulted with a counselor; select my name and then submit the completed form online. There is absolutely no obligation on your part. Furthermore, you need not worry that by completing the information form you will be placed on one of those annoying mailing lists. You may be assured that Trinity keeps all information in the strictest of confidence.


As you enter your name on the evaluation form, please type "TAG#BD2000" beside your name. It is important that you continue to include this number beside your name when communicating with Trinity, i.e., at the time of your application and registration. We will not be able to process your information properly without this code.


Again, thank you in advance for requesting information concerning Trinity College and Seminary. I look forward to serving you in the near future.


In His Service,

John C. Fyffe

Online Admissions Advisor


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