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As our world changes, the demand for messages that have strong biblical content as well as contemporary application grows with each day. The people that we minister to deserve to hear a message from God's Word that will not only help them to understand the Bible, but will show them how to live it out in their day to day experience. Our sermons are prepared with this need in mind.

All of our materials are presented in FULL MANUSCRIPT and most are alliterated. The manuscript is broken down into a preachable outline that keeps the speaker from becoming notebound.

The Pastor's Helper is making available over 100 sermons in web format (html) on 3.5 HD Diskettes, or as e-mail attachments with Rapid Request, at a reasonable price. These sermons can be read from any Internet Browser, edited to fit your own style, or they can be printed out as is. Check out the two samples on the menu to get an idea what you'll be receiving once you order:





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