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The Triumphal Entry

Matthew 21:1-11

1. How would you define worship?

2. Why do many Christians cheer like crazy at sporting events on Saturday & sheepishly sing praise songs to the Lord the next morning?


3. To where was Jesus traveling? With whom? (21:1)

4. Jesus sent two of His disciples to find and return with what? Why? (21:2-3)

5. Why was this incident significant? (21:4-5)

6. When the men returned with the donkey and colt, what did Jesus do? (21:7)

7. What did the gathered crowd place on the road? Why? (21:8)

8. What size crowd participated in welcoming Jesus? (21:8)

9. What did the crowds shout as Jesus entered Jerusalem? (21:9)

10. How did this "parade" affect those living in Jerusalem? (21:10)

11. If you had lived in Jerusalem during that time, do you think you would have been a follower of Christ or one of the people who looked skeptically at all His activities?

12. How much do you think "the crowds" today understand Jesus' purpose and mission?

13. In what ways do we simplistically "cheer" Jesus?

14. Why did Jesus request a donkey instead of a big white stallion or a chariot?

15. How would you answer if a friend asked, "Who is Jesus?"

16. How might we be able to change our town or state or country if we honored Christ as King over all?

17. What does the Lord "need" from you (see Matthew 21:3) today to accomplish His plan in your life?