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MATTHEW 4:1-11

1. Why are some temptations harder to resist than others?

2. Why do different people struggle with different types of temptations?


3. Who led Jesus into the wilderness? Why? (4:1)

4. What made Jesus weak at this time? (4:2)

5. What three names are given to Jesus' adversary in the desert? (4:3, 5, 10)

6. What was the first temptation presented to Jesus? (4:3)

7. How did Jesus respond to the first temptation? (4:4)

8. What tempting offer was made to Christ at the highest point of the temple? (4:6)

9. How did Jesus answer the second temptation? (4:7)

10. What did the devil show Jesus from a very high mountain? (4:8)

11. What did the devil promise Jesus in exchange for worship? (4:9)

12. How did Jesus react to the third temptation? (4:10)

13. What happened after Jesus had resisted Satan three times? (4:11)

14. How would you define temptation?

15. How can memorizing Scripture help us combat temptation?

16. What happens when a Christian consistently resists temptation?

17. What situations make us especially vulnerable to temptation?

18. What temptations are inevitable for most people?

19. What temptations are inevitable for you?

20. In what specific area of your life is temptation the strongest these days?

21. What steps can you take this week to resist the temptations you are facing now?