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HEBREWS 1:1-14

1. What are some restaurants, vacation spots, books, movies, or other areas of interest that you consider the best of their kind?


2. How did God speak to people in the past? (1:1)

3. What was God's means for speaking to mankind in "these last days"? (1:2)

4. What works did Jesus do that only God could do? (1:2-3, 10)

5. Who is Jesus? (1:2-4)

6. What does Jesus show us about the nature of God? (1:3)

7. What astonishing feat is attributed to the Word of Christ? (1:3)

8. What was Jesus' primary ministry on earth? (1:3)

9. How is Jesus distinguished from God? (1:5)

10. What is the relationship of Jesus and the angels? (1:6)

11. What name or title applies to Jesus, the Son? (1:8)

12. What is Jesus' nature? (1:10-12)

13. What do angels do? (1:14)

14. What difference does it make to you that Jesus is "heir of all things" and that the Father made the universe through Him?

15. Why do you think the author of Hebrews made such a point of Christ's deity to these Hebrew Christians?

16. Notice that God the Father called God the Son, God (v.8). What is their relationship to one another?

17. What difference does it make to you that Jesus sustains everything by His powerful word?

18. When, if ever, have you sensed that angels were ministering to you or watching over you?

19. What steps can you take to remind yourself that Jesus is the Son of God and worth following?