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Note to Group Leaders: It would be helpful if you would have the group read 1 Samuel 1:1-20 prior to beginning this lesson as a background study.

Hannah Dedicates Samuel

1 Samuel 1:21-2:11

1. Why is it often easier to make a promise than to carry it through?

READ 1 SAMUEL 1:21-2:11

2. Why did Hannah want to stay behind when the rest of the family went to offer the annual sacrifice? (1:22)

3. What did Hannah take along with the child to the house of the Lord? (1:24)

4. What was the purpose of these items? (1:25)

5. How did Hannah explain her vow and its fulfillment? (1:25-28)

6. What was the prevailing emotion of Hannah's prayer? (2:1)

7. What is one trait of God's character which particularly inspired Hannah's praise? (2:2)

8. What is the ultimate answer for human arrogance? (2:3)

9. What are some of the total reversals named by Hannah as acts of God? (2:4-8)

10. How does human strength weigh in against the judgment of God? (2:9-10)

11. How did Samuel's life change? (2:11)

12. How do you imagine Hannah felt about carrying through with her promise?

13. How would it feel to be delivered or vindicated by God?

14. Why is it important to remind ourselves that God is the source of all good gifts?

15. Why is God opposed to those who are proud and self-important?

16. In what ways do we seek to enhance our strength or security in earthly terms?

17. What vow or promise to God do you need to see through to completion?